Are Electric Ride On Cars Safe? Five Questions for Parents

As a parent, your children look up to you. They want to dress like you, act like you, play doctor or cook, but most of all they want drive a car like you! Electric ride on toys are an awesome toy that all kids find exciting. See latest Amazon deals.

Ever since ride on electric cars emerged in the early eighties the toys have been a huge hit, selling in the millions per year. It’s not hard to see why. Kids desire freedom of movement just like the rest of us. Don’t believe me? Just watch a toddler try and wiggle out of their car seat.

Today’s ride on kid cars are better and cooler than ever. Better batteries make them last longer, better design and marketing make them look like the dream cars of adults, and better manufacturing means they are safer and cheaper than ever before.

But with with so many varieties on the market how do you know what is best for your child? What types of ride on electric cars are out there? Where is the best place to buy ride on toys? And are motorized ride on toys safe?

We set out to answer these questions and more.

What are motorized cars for kids?

Electric ride on toys are small scale, drivable, electric cars for kids. They exploded with massive popularity in the early nineties with 2 seater Power Wheels like the Jeep. Power Wheels is still the biggest name in the industry now.

The ride on cars of today can be packed with cool features that you won’t believe. Some have working FM radios and can even play music from your phone or mp3 player. Many of the cars also have realistic noises. Imagine the smile on your child’s face as they “rev” a V12 engine on their toy Lamborghini!

Typically these kids ride on vehicles come with either a 6 volt or 12 volt battery. Your smaller ride on toys made for toddlers or 5 year olds will have a 6 volt battery. 6 volt electric cars will usually run at about 2.5 mph, or about a walking pace. The big kid ride on toys will usually have 12 volt batteries that will go about 5 mph, or about a jogging pace. Batteries in these cars will last about 1 to 1.5 hours, but it really depends on the weight that the car is hauling and what kind of driving conditions you child is riding around in.

What are the benefits of ride on battery cars?

Child development scientists know that playtime is more than just about having fun, it is about learning problem solving and social skills that will empower your child later in life. Ride on battery cars help foster unique skills in children in a fun and safe way.

Independent play

Independence isn’t something your child magically learns when they turn 16, they need to develop it as they are a child. Ride on vehicles are great at teaching independence because they have no rules. Whether your child turns left or right or decides to drive uphill or down, those decisions are up to them and they will see the immediate consequences of the choices they make.

Being Outdoors

Playing outdoors is vital for children to develop empathy and healthy lifestyles. Being in the sun and hearing birds chirping and sharing space with bugs and animals teaches children that there are other living things in this world besides themselves. Kids ride on vehicles will give your kids a reason to put down the video games and go play outside.

Motor Skills

Motor skills are extremely important to learn if you want your child to be successful at sports or working with their hands. As an adult good motor skills are need by painters, surgeons and even engineers. It’s not hard to see how a ride on electric car will help develop these skills at a young age. Children need to learn how their bodies interact with tools and machines, and there is no better way to do that than to drive a vehicle.

Cooperation and Teamwork

The mobility that ride on battery cars provide creates an opportunity for children learn how to work together. A group of kids riding around will need to decide where to travel to together and learn how to get their without getting in each other’s way. 2 seater power wheels will teach kids how to share and cooperate. Only one person can control the ride on car at a time and kids will need to share that spot and learn to trust the person in the drivers seat.

Fun Last for Years

Another benefit of a ride on car over many other toys you might want to buy for your child is that ride on vehicles appeal to a wide age range. Kids electric cars aren’t easily outgrown by kids and they almost never get boring. If you buy the right ride on car for your child it could be their favorite toy for many years. It’s a much better investment for you as a parent than having to keep buying new dolls or the latest video game.

What are the different types of vehicles?

The popularity of the ride on car has lead many toy makers to develop a wide selection of ride on electric cars with a huge number of features.

As far as the design of of the ride on electric car goes, you have any choice you could imagine. If your child likes heavy equipment, there are farm tractors, and bulldozers with working scoops. If your child likes fast cars, there are Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches. If your child likes offroading, they can choose from Jeeps, atvs, and go carts with real off road capabilities. Make sure you learn what your child’s vehicle interests are so that you can get the electric ride on car that will excite them the most.

One of the major differences between the types of ride on battery cars is size. Childrens ride on vehicles can be designed for toddlers to 5 year olds, and all the way up to 14 year olds. Some motorized toy cars can even fit small adults!

You should think about the the future when you are deciding what size ride on electric car to get. Make sure that it is big enough that they won’t outgrow it in a year or two. You should be able to find a ride on car that will fit your child for at least 3 years. If your child is 7 years old then you can go ahead and buy some of the biggest motorized cars for children which will fit your child for many years.

As I mentioned before, there are also different types of power when it comes to children's ride on vehicles. Usually your options are 6 volt and 12 volt battery types. It’s important that you don’t give a powerful mobile car to a toddler who won’t be able to control it. When you are shopping, make sure to find the top speed of the electric ride on car. About 2.5 mph is suitable for young children, about 4-5 years old or younger.

Another type that is becoming popular for very young children is the remote control ride on car. This type of car gives you, the parent, control of the vehicle. Your child can sit in the ride on car and go for a fun ride while you are controlling the toy with a remote. This type is great for babies and toddlers. While babies won’t be able to control the toy themselves for a few years, they can still enjoy getting driven around by mommy or daddy. Some remote control ride on cars are multi purpose and when the child is old enough you can just flip a switch and magically the child can control the toy themselves from the driver’s seat.

Are ride on toy cars safe?

Safety is always a concern when buying a new toy for your child. Ride on battery cars are relatively safe compared to other toys. Children aren’t likely to fall off or have high speed collisions like they might with a bike or skateboard, and there aren’t a whole lot of small parts for young children to put in their mouth.

But just like with any toy and with life in general, there are risks and dangers. The biggest dangers to children playing on ride on cars are pools and roads. An adult should always be supervising a child on a ride on car. Make sure that they stay away from pools to keep them from falling in. Driving an electric ride on car can be dangerous near roads and cars as well, an adult should alway be present to lessen these risks.

A smart parent who supervises their child shouldn’t be worried that a ride on car will be too dangerous for their child.

What’s our conclusion on kids ride on vehicles?

Electric ride on toys are excellent toys for your child that they will love to play with for a long time. Ride on toy cars teach important skills to young developing minds. And with proper supervision, ride on electric cars are safe for children of all ages.

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